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KADIE - Kids And Dogs Interactive Education offers a number of innovative programs for school teachers, parents, dog trainers and community leaders.

Developed by recognized dog behavior counselors and child psychologists, each is age-appropriate and highly effective.The topics covered in these programs include:
Languages of Humans and Dogs
How to behave around dogs one doesn't know
How to approach a strange dog (after asking owner!)
What to do if a dog growls
What to do/what not to do if a dog attacks
What to teach children
KADIE's age-specific programs include:
KADIE Pre-Kindergarten
KADIE Kindergarten through 3rd Grade

KADIE 4th through 6th Grade

KADIE Middle School and High School

KADIE Adult dog owners with children

KADIE Parents, non-dog owners, for teaching children

KADIE Trainers, School teachers and Educators Certification Program
(coming soon)
KADIE 2006