KADIE 4th through 6th Grade
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Languages of Humans and Dogs
     Human language - vs. - dog language
     The "stick out your hand" myth
How to approach a strange dog
     Always ask owner FIRST
     Sideways approach
     Don't lean over the dog
     Let the dog approach you if it shows any sign of shyness
     Don't approach to pet over the top of its head
How to behave around a dog one doesn't know
     Don't make direct eye contact
     Don't make abrupt moves/ Don't run away abruptly
What to do if a dog growls
     Don't make eye contact
     Back off slowly, with eyes averted (NO direct eye contact)
     Get something between you and the dog (fence, gate, car...)
What to do/what not to do if a dog attacks
     Protect head, neck and face with arms
     Protect belly by curling up
     DON'T scream - unless there is eminent help that you know
         will come if you do scream.
     Don't try to outrun dog unless you are far enough away and
         close enough to a safe place such as car, house, tree..

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