"My goal in life is to be as good a person as my dog thinks I am."
- Author Unknown
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KADIE - Kids And Dogs Interactive Education is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation dedicated to reducing the number of dog bites, particularly to children, by educating them as to the safest  ways to approach and interact with dogs, as well as to avoid interaction with unknown dogs.

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Through the development of seminars and related teaching materials, KADIE's aim is  to teach parents, educators, healthcare professionals, insurance organizations and others, how to safely interact with dogs, and  particularly, what to teach the children.
Congratulatins to Nikki, who won Best of Breed with the help of her best friend.
KADIE's aim is to get the word out, not just to dog owners, but to everyone who ever comes into contact with dogs.
Send us a picture of your dog with a short description and perhaps your pup will be "Dog Of The Month". (dogofthemonth@kidsanddogs.org)
Although trainers across the country are addressing dog owners and potential owners, the scope of KADIE is to reach the rest of the population, the 60% who do not necessarily own dogs, but who come into contact with them regularly.
School training programs developed by the KADIE team teach children Dog Safety, while seminars to adults explain what to teach the children.
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Look for our  trainers certification program, coming soon!