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KADIE - Kids And Dogs Interactive Education is the brainchild of M. Cecilia Saleme (CPDT - Certified Pet  Dog Trainer) who in her work with families and dogs recognized a need  for educating families, especially families without pet dogs, about the correct way to approach unfamiliar dogs.

Our curriculum was developed by the collaboration of canine behavior professionals with child psychologists, in order to create age-specific programs that are effective, fun and appropriate.

You can rest assured that a KADIE certified instructor  will teach your children what is appropriate behavior around dogs, and will teach it in a way that helps them to remember.
KADIE's Vision
To create a safer environment for children, adults and dogs by teaching them all to live comfortably and safely together in our society.
KADIE's Mission
KADIE - Kids And Dogs Interactive Education is dedicated to reducing the number of dog bites, particularly to children, by educating them as to the safest ways to approach and interact with dogs, as well as how to avoid interaction with unknown dogs.
KADIE's Values
KADIE 2007
Dogs are social mammals, requiring respect and appreciation

Humans are social mammals, requiring respect and appreciation

Dogs must be appropriately trained to be respectful and gentle with humans.

Children must be taught how to behave appropriately around dogs in order to have safe and happy relationships with them

By working together, we can reduce the number of dog bites in order to reduce the suffering of people and dogs across the country.